Stuck in the House? Fun and Free Activities for Your Next Snow Day

“Snow Day” is a phrase that can bring dread into the heart of any parent. Unfortunately, snow days are a part of winter and while they may bring with them the necessity to call off sick from work or even just lose your alone time, take advantage of the next snow day! There are great ways to keep your kids, and yourself, entertained for free while you’re stuck in the house.



There are a variety of cooking activities that you and your children can take part in together. Whether it’s baking muffins or making a favorite meal, use the free day to let your kids loose in the kitchen. If your kids have favorite treats, gather the ingredients and let them help you make them! Whether its pancakes shaped like everyone’s favorite mouse or snicker-doodles, get out your ingredients and get cooking.



Nothing says “Snow Day” like clipped, paper snowflakes or paper plate snowmen. Get out your craft box, spread some newspaper on the kitchen table and start creating. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your kids what they’d like to make; chances are they’ve got some great ideas of their own.



Kids love to paint, and a snow day is the perfect time to try something new with your little Picasso.  Rather than pulling out the same old paints, why not try painting with ice cubes?  Simply freeze water in ice cube trays with different colors of food coloring, cover the tray with aluminum foil, and stick a popsicle stick into each cube.  Once the water is frozen, let your child paint away by holding onto the popsicle stick.  Another fun painting activity involves braving the weather.  Gather a few squirt bottles, fill them with water, put a few drops of food coloring in each one, and send your kids outside.  They will love creating their very own masterpiece right in the backyard.


Board Games

It’s the rare family that sits together and plays board games. Take the opportunity and dig those board games out of the closet. Make it extra fun and play for pretzels or M&Ms. If you don’t have any board games, grab a deck of cards! Kids of any age love Go Fish and War. If your children are older, try a game of Rummy or even Poker.


Computer Games

Computers aren’t just for work and email! Pull up an extra chair or two and sit with your kids. Play some educational games, watch a movie together or scroll through family photos and share your memories. Teach your younger children how to play solitaire, or watch YouTube videos with your older children. The choices are virtually endless when it comes to using your computer for entertainment.


Spa Day

You love a hot bath on a cold day; why wouldn’t your kids enjoy it as well? Draw a hot bath, pour in some extra bubbles and let your kids soak. Once they’re out and dry, share some lotion, paint finger and toenails and put a bit of make-up on your daughter. You may just find that spa day is a frequently requested activity.

Snow Sundaes

Ice cream isn’t often the first thing on the mind when it’s freezing cold outside, but making a snow sundae is sure to be an exciting treat. Simply take a half a cup of milk, a quarter cup of sugar, a half-teaspoon of vanilla and four cups of fresh snow. Mix your first three ingredients in the blender until smooth and then fold in your snow. It’s ready to eat when it’s reached the consistency of ice cream.

Read a Book

If your children are small, read several of their favorite books aloud. If you have older children who love to read, gather in the living room together or snuggle in your bed under a quilt and read your books together. Nothing beats a snow day when you’re looking for time to get that latest chapter read!

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