Summertime Hostess Gifts

Summer is the season for get-togethers it seems. Whether it is a party, barbecue or other gathering this is a popular time to see family and friends. And any guest won’t want to show up empty handed. Bringing a hostess gift is a very thoughtful thing to do. What would be more thoughtful than giving a hostess gift that reminds them of summer?

Remember the best hostess gifts have your host’s in mind. Think of their personal likes and dislikes as you choose a hostess gift. If they like to barbecue – then a hostess gift that centers around barbecuing or grilling could be a great idea. Or if they are known for making a great mohito – then this could be a terrific idea to have your hostess gift be something about cocktails. Whatever idea you choose, it should somehow compliment your host on the way they are a good host.

Today there are many ways to personalize your hostess gift. Whether adding their name, initials or favorite colors this is an ideal way to show someone they are special to you. It also will increase their enjoyment of this item. Receiving a hostess gift that has been made especially for them is a thoughtful touch. As opposed to something “everyday” that has been picked out just like everything else in the store.

Presentation is important with hostess gifts. Have your hostess gift-wrapped or do this yourself. Use a gift bag if this is more convenient for the size or type of gift. Remember to add a short and thoughtful note about what a great hostess and friend they are. Sometimes the note you add is more meaningful to them than the actual gift you give them.

Bottle of Wine
Some wines are ideal for summer and others are better for other times of year. Ask at your local wine shop or vineyard for suggestions. Sweeter wines or lighter wines are especially appropriate.

Wine/Drink Accessories
This is often a thoughtful hostess gift any cook would appreciate. Summer is a busy time for entertaining and they will be touched you found them wine glasses, wine charms or a book of cocktail recipes especially for summer. This hostess gift is something they can use all summer long.

Freshly Picked Flowers
Now this is a very popular hostess gift. Pick your hostess flowers from your garden. Or bring her flowers from a local florist. Try to find wildflowers or flowers that are natural to your region for a thoughtful touch. Flowers offer a lovely atmosphere and wonderful scent. They are a welcome addition at any party.

Monogrammed Napkins
This can be a great idea for those who entertain. You can purchase monogrammed or personalized napkins (paper) in a variety of colors, ideal for drinks or dining. Many will let you add a graphic image that is a fun way to show your host’s personality and style. What a great way to get the summer season started!

Kim Michaux has been involved in specialized gifts retail, both online and in retail stores for many years. She can help you find the right gift for any occasion, including monogrammed gifts of any type.
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