Sun Room Décor for Winter

As winter descends many homeowners leave their sun room dormant for the colder months with the belief that they are merely rooms to be used in sunny weather. Sun rooms, or conservatories, however, can be incredibly useful rooms regardless of the weather and can even be used to eat Christmas dinner in! If you’re considering closing the doors on your sun room as the temperatures plummet, here are a few decorating tips which may make you reconsider whether the conservatory should lie dormant during the winter.


The fact that a sun room generally has more windows in comparison to other rooms in the house is both a blessing and a curse. During the summer, sunlight beams through the glass creating an uplifting room filled with the beauty of natural light. This is generally a different story throughout the winter though as the windows allow cold air to fill the sun room, which is one of the main

reasons why many homeowners abandon it for the winter. A popular method of heating the conservatory however, is under the floor heating which allows warm air to fill the conservatory from head to toe, while keeping your feet warm too.

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Modern sun rooms may also benefit from designer radiators with a quirky style which can be used as an ornamental feature as well a source of heat. Nowadays, radiators are available in an array of different designs from the conventional white radiator to ones which break style conventions and can be barely recognised as a heating source. Once you have the perfect source of heating for your conservatory you needn’t use the lack of warmth in your conservatory as an excuse for leaving it vacant during winter.


Many homeowners find themselves stowing away their gorgeous designer garden furniture in an old shed or garage during the winter months as weather threatens to ruin the appearance of the furniture. This needn’t be the case though, as garden furniture can look incredibly stylish and well-suited when used as conservatory furniture – making the most of your money.

Metal garden furniture, including tables and chairs, can offer an alternative breakfast dining experience throughout the winter, as you can eat your hot porridge in natural light. Garden furniture sofas can also be brought into the conservatory for the winter and can prove themselves to be extremely convenient when entertaining family and friends over the festive period.

Sun rooms can be just the extra room your family needs during the winter. They can be the perfect place for you and your partner to relax in, away from the rest of the family or can be used as an extra playroom for the children. Whatever you decide to use your conservatory for this winter make sure it’s utilised to its full potential and not left out in the cold.

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