Sweet Valentine’s Day Gifts

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It’s coming soon.  The one day a year that everyone who is attached to a significant other should spend the entire day thinking about all the things they love and appreciate about their other half.  That day, we generally tend to shower one another with thoughtful gifts and expressions of love.  Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to think of the perfect gift for your sweetie.

Here are a few ideas for tokens that he or she will cherish forever this Valentine’s Day.

A massage is a perfect gift for anyone, but especially for those whose days might be a bit more stressful than others.  If your budget allows, you can certainly go to a spa in your town and purchase a gift certificate for an hour with a massage therapist.  However, if your belt is a bit tighter, you can simply pick up a few tips for a relaxing massage online, or in an instructional book.  Spend a few dollars on some scented candles and some lusciously scented massage oil and treat your honey to a night of ecstatic relaxation with your own two hands.

If you have artistic abilities, this is the day to bring them out for your sweetheart’s benefit.  If you’re a musician, spend some time while he is at work writing an original song for him.  If you’re an incredible cook, pick up the necessities for a gourmet meal you can make for her at home, complete with candles, soft music, and dessert.  Do you paint or draw?  Bring out your charcoals, pastels, watercolors, or oils and create an original work for your better half.  This might be a portrait, or it could be a rendition of your love’s favorite vacation spot or flower.

The best gift can sometimes be simply time spent alone, just the two of you.  If you have children, the idea of this can seem too far-fetched to imagine.  Take advantage of Valentine’s Day to take a weekend for yourselves.  Hire a sitter, and pick a destination.  If you have the cash, you can go a bit bigger—take a trip you’ve both always wanted to take.  Make a three or four-day weekend of it, if you can.  If not, go local.  Head out to your favorite restaurant, rent a room for the evening, and get to know each other again.

For the eco-conscious guy or girl, there are countless gifts you can give that will tickle their fancy as well as satisfy their desire to help the planet.  Vintage jewelry is beautiful, and does not take advantage of Earth’s resources.  You can find vintage rings, necklaces, broaches, bracelets and more that will fit into any price range, and which will be deeply admired and appreciated.  If jewelry isn’t your thing, try taking a class together. A cooking class can result in many nights spent together creating dishes that will nourish your bodies and your relationship.

No matter what you choose, simply be thoughtful.  Make sure your gift is something that comes from what you know your love enjoys, and you can’t go wrong.

Stephanie Parker is a freelance writer and preschool teacher living in Kentucky.  Parker loves to contribute articles on gift ideas, and shopping guide.
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