T-Shirt Parties – Fun For All

 Some children will have their heart set on a fancy dress party for their birthday, others a football party, whilst many will just want some friends round at the house to play some games and just have fun. One thing that is for sure, however, is that getting them to settle on one idea is a real task. In order to do this, it’s worth offering the children a party that they will never have been to before, and probably never even thought of.
Although it’s a messy activity and one that will need lots of planning and co-ordination, allowing children to create their own personalised t-shirts at the party is a unique and fun idea for any party. There are a few ways you can incorporate this activity into your existing party plan and budget, although picking up some multipacks of plain t-shirts shouldn’t break anyone’s bank.
When the children arrive at the party, it would probably be best to provide them with a plain t-shirt straight away so they can get straight to it. Setting up an area with drawing or painting materials and plenty of space for the children will allow them to let their creative juices flow and create their perfect t-shirt. The idea of being able to draw on and deface an item of clothing without fear of getting told off by their parents should make this an excellent start to the party.
Fabric markers are readily available in many craft shops wherever you go, and are available in a wide variety of colours too. Although you shouldn’t struggle, if you can’t find them anywhere then a cheaper alternative would be to use permanent marker pens.
Arguably a more appealing choice for many children however, would be to use fabric paints. This not only allows more options for mixing colours, but also provides the children with a great opportunity to use stencils to create a pattern on their t-shirts. This means that no matter how uncreative a child is, they can be proud of their t-shirt.
Inevitably though, as many parents will have already discovered, paint and mess seems to go hand in hand. With this in mind, it may be worth considering taking the activity outside if the weather is nice. Being stuck inside on a nice sunny day is a child’s worst nightmare, so if they can be having fun outside it will benefit everyone concerned. If, as usual, the weather doesn’t want to play ball however, then it would be wise to spend some time before the party “paint-proofing” your home. Covering essentials such as the floor and furniture in old newspaper or other protective materials should be the bare minimum to ensure no damage to the property.
One final, useful way to incorporate personalised t-shirts into a birthday celebration would be to get some ready printed t-shirts for the children. This is particularly handy if you’re out on a day trip for the party. The children will love the idea of standing out and having their special t-shirts that are unique to them, whilst it will help you keep a close watch on them to ensure no one gets lost or up to any mischief.

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