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Save Time In The Kitchen With These Helpful Tools

Dad’s have no shortage of gadgets,  but what about Mom?  Dad’s justify their gadgets by saying they help them save time and energy, but shouldn’t Moms have the same right to efficiency improvers?  I sure think so!

Planning, cooking and trying to get your kids to eat vegetables 7 days a week can eat up a large chunk of time for any Mom.  You have to figure out what ingredients you’ll need, when you’ll prepare them and then factor in trying to keep the meals healthy, all while remaining on a budget!  Here are a few gadgets that should be able to help busy moms focus on enjoying their family dinners, rather than all the preparation that goes into them.

free appsA smartphone (iPhone, Android etc.) can be a real time and energy saver for anyone, but especially for a busy mother.  Apps for smart phones can do a host of useful things like organizing schedules, checking bank balances, helping automate grocery lists, providing recipe ideas and offering nutritional information all at the touch of a button, and in real time!


Streamline that Grocery List

A great app to help you streamline your grocery shopping list is GroceryIQ. This free and helpful app allows you to create shopping lists by typing in the name of the item you need purchase, the quantity and the price.  Auto complete and the ability to mark items as a “favorite” saves you time, and using your phone instead of post-its will save both money and natural resources!

The coolest feature of GroceryIQ has to be the ability to use your smart phone to scan the barcode of an item that you want to purchase when you go to the store and have GroceryIQ automatically add it to your list.  Think about all the items you purchase over and over again, now all you have to do is scan the barcodes!

GroceryIQ also provides coupon information and savings cards deals, meaning you can put down that weekly newspaper, and focus on more important things!

GroceryIQ is a free app that is available for the iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad and Android through the App Store or Marketplace.


Cook Something They’ll Love

Variety is the spice of life so let your smart phone help you find a new recipe for tonights meal.  I turn to Epicurious whenever I’m looking for something new from the store. This beautiful app has more recipes than all your cookbooks combined (except you, Martha).

The app is set up to let you search by either keyword (the name of your dish) or main ingredient (a single component part of it).  Once you’ve entered a search, Epicurious will present you with all recipes that include that keyword or ingredient, meaning that all those “weird” ingredients you bought last week won’t have to be wasted!

Recipes feature both pictures and reviews.  Viewing a Recipe will provide you with the recipe itself, preparation instructions, tips on where to find the necessary ingredients, and even photos and reviews.  You can even add the ingredients to a built in shopping list with the push of a single button. Talk about a time saver!

Epicurious is a free app available for the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android through the App Store or Marketplace.

While these apps won’t save you time when it comes time to actually cooking the food, they certainly will speed up the logistical work required to prepare it! Take some of that time off of research and allocate it to more important pursuits!

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