Ten Tips On Storage Solutions For All That Clutter

Most people just aren’t that organized when it comes to clearing clutter and storing things.  If you’re one of these people, and you feel like you’re drowning under a mountain of stuff, then the good news is that developing effective storage solutions is much easier than you think.  Here are some easy storage solutions tips that will help even the most disorganized person get it all put away.

1. Plan

Just like anything else, planning is an important part of getting your storage worked out.  Throwing stuff into corners and closets just won’t do.  Decide exactly where and how everything’s going to be stored, and write it down in list form so that you can refer to it easily.

2. Get Rid Of Stuff

Before you throw yourself into a sorting frenzy, madly trying to figure out where to put everything, consider that you make some stuff disappear.  Take a good look at everything you’ve got, reflect upon its true value to your life, and decide if you can part with a few things.  This will make storing what you keep much smoother.

3. Eliminate Clutter

There’s one easy way to take care of clutter once and for all. Just put stuff away as soon as you’re done using it.  Identify trouble spots in the house – for example, the entryway or the edge of the stairs – and make a plan for keeping them from getting cluttered in the first place.

4. Label Your Boxes

On every box that you use, carefully label exactly what’s in it.  Put things together according to certain categories to make it easier to look for stuff later.  One great way to categorize things is by how often you use them.  Then, you can put boxes full of things you often use in accessible places and bury the things you don’t use so much in the backs of closets.

5. Use Same-Size Boxes

Another great way to make boxing things easier is to use the same size of boxes.  If they’re all the same size, you can stack them more easily.

6. Look Into Transparent Containers

There’s a whole variety of transparent storage options available.  This is better than the traditional box method because you can actually see what’s in there.  Every little thing you can do to make retrieval quick and easy is worth doing!

7. Mobile Shelving

A great idea for heavy, bulky things in the garage is to look into mobile shelves.  These are units that run on tracks that are operated by a handle.  They work best in the garage because they take up space, but they can really make organizing easy.

8. Attic Conversions

If your house just doesn’t have enough storage space no matter how organized you are, then you may want to consider an attic conversion. Attic conversions allow you to create new space in your home by unlocking the wasted roof cavity above your head. A professional installation will come complete with attic ladder access, dust-proofing, and ventilation.

9. Don’t Do It All In One Day

If you’ve got a whole house to organize, don’t try to do it all at once.  Since you’ve got a plan you’re working from, schedule when you’re going to do what and stretch it out over a few days.

10. Get Some Help

To stay organized and clutter-free, you need to create good habits of putting things away after use.  You also need to make sure everybody’s on the same page.  Make sure all the people in your household know the drill and put things away accordingly.  This means no more throwing bags on the living room floor after school!

These tips offer you some storage solutions that even the most disorganized person can use.  Managing your storage solutions effectively means a clean house and more room to enjoy.  You may even be surprised about how much room you never knew you had!

Mitchell McKinley is a member of the Attix team, specialists in attic ladders, conversions, and storage.
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  1. Good tips. I’ve downsized dramatically. Stuff isn’t as much my problem as paper organization. I use digital files as much as possible, but still there’s lots of paper lying around! I also try to handle a piece on paper only once. Again, I still have a lot of paper. Any hints, ideas? Thanks.

  2. Love it! I need to read over these tips a few times. Clutter drives me insane but it’s hard to stay organized.

  3. i am a creative type and organizing is not my strong suit, so i have always looked for help from others. you had some great tips. i run with the if it is in my hand not to re-stack it… handle it once and put it where it belongs. also, if we can’t keep it clean, we’ve got too much stuff 🙂 i recently did your tip on using boxes of the same size… made it look so stream-lined and nice.

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