Ten Top Toys for Childhood Learning

It’s a universally established fact that playtime is instrumental in a child’s learning and development, so it goes without saying that childhood toys play a vital role in healthy growth and learning. With this in mind, we take a look at some of the best educational toys on the market for fostering creative skills and a positive attitude to learning.

1. LEGO®

Children love to build things, and everyone’s favorite building-block system is perfect for developing creative intelligence. Babies learn to identify colors and shapes with the chunky bricks, while older children learn to control and manage objects by turning their imagination into a solid construction. And, unlike other run-of-the-mill toys, LEGO creates a colorful environment of play that has endless possibilities.

2. Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

Young children are fascinated by the world around them, and love to explore and discover new things. A butterfly garden allows young naturalists to witness one of the miracles of nature – the lifecycle of a butterfly. Nature lovers can watch this enchanting process take place – from caterpillar to chrysalis to the final transformation – inside a reusable and collapsible garden net. It’s a wonderful way to teach children respect for garden wildlife.

3. Bug Safari

Bug Safari

These convenient kits are perfect for urban lifestyles, allowing children to delve into the captivating world of creepy-crawlies. Zoologists in-the-making can catch, study and identify all kinds of mini-beasties from their very own garden to satisfy their insatiable curiosity for peculiar creatures.

4. Electricity Experiment Set

Electricity Experiment Set

Relational play is crucial to developing a child’s understanding of how the world works, and these hands-on electrical sets take this kind of learning to a new level. Components are fitted together to create working circuit boards just like those in home appliances, which can provide valuable lessons in how electricity works. By following the simple instructions, kids are able to experiment and build all sorts of hi-tech gadgets, including a lie detector, a radio, a lamp and much more.

5. Grow-A-Head


Budding botanists will love these quirky characters whose perennial rye grass ‘hair’ grows longer over time. Children can watch plants grow and change with these living examples of fun flora, made from renewable coir dust. As the plant grows, so will the child’s imagination as they learn all about their impact on the world around them.

6. Moon Sand

Moon Sand

This state-of-the-art take on the popular modeling materials of old is a brilliant way of introducing functional play into a child’s routine, which will strengthen motor skills and logical thinking. For kids who love building sandcastles, this space-age moldable sand allows them to bring a piece of the beach into their own home. Available in a dazzling array of colors, kids can unleash their imaginations to create anything from sea creatures to baked goods, with no messy sticking or staining.

7. Chemistry set

Chemistry Set

A retro favorite that allows children to perform simple and safe experiments in their own home. Kids can construct their own mini-laboratory, or pretend they are fledgling witches and wizards by mixing and mingling potions to create awe-inspiring results. Awaken a passion for science, a thirst for knowledge, and for a gooey alternative, why not try a slime chemistry set for some oozy amusement?

8. Rocket sets

Rocket Sets

What better way to indulge a child’s fascination with space technology than with a space-age rocket set? There’s a wide selection of kits available, including those that make big bangs, those that propel bubble projectiles, and even one that combines household ingredients to facilitate its powerful launch. It goes without saying that parental supervision is advisable, but no doubt the big kid in you will be dying to have a go too!

9. Weather station

Weather Station

Keep track of weather changes, learn fun facts about the atmosphere and perform experiments with this meteorological marvel, which teaches children the importance of the environment and climate change. This ecological kit with changeable container and plants teaches traditional skills and allows children to interact with the elements.

10. Marble runs

Marble runs

A modern take on a classic toy, these brightly-colored pieces slot together to create elaborate feats of engineering, as children devise a variety of routes for their marble to descend. They won’t even realize they’re learning as they spend hours of fun making crazy mazes of cylinders, loops, pinwheels, chutes and bridges.

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  1. thanks so much for showcasing these toys and posting! As a mom of a tween on up AND grandma of four, I am still in the market for gift ideas and sometimes I have NO idea what to get. Love that many of these are educational AND fun!