4 Must-See Christmas Movies For All Ages

In my opinion the best Christmas movies are the ones that get the whole family sitting down to watch and enjoy, something that doesn’t happen very often in most homes !

Here are some of my personal favorite Christmas Movies that are sure to get you feeling all Christmassy!

kids Christmas moviesThe Muppets Christmas Carol

This 1992 movie might not be one of the best movies of all time in many people’s minds but it certainly does its job of putting me into the Christmas spirit and it is always the first Christmas movie we sit down to watch every year. The Muppets have always been a great love of mine and to fit them into a Christmas movie does of course make a lot of sense. The story very much follows the Charles Dickens classic and with a few musical numbers, a lot of Muppets and a fantastic performance from Sir Michael Caine himself you can’t really go wrong!

best christmas moviesThe Polar Express

This 2004 movie was a major Christmas success and was one of the great animated movies of the last decade. It’s very traditional in the way it is a laid out as a Christmas movie but is of course based upon the book. Tom Hanks does a fantastic job in the six different roles that he plays as you would expect and being a typical Christmas film it ends on a high with the boy finally believing in Christmas and Santa.

This is the best Christmas movie ever! My entire family loves this!

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

If you want to make the family laugh this Christmas then do yourself a favor and buy this movie as it is a timeless Christmas comedy classic. If you haven’t seen any of the main National Lampoon movies before this then shame on you but you are in for a treat, it is Chevy Chase at his true comical best. All the Griswold’s want to do is have a proper family Christmas but naturally with Chase as the father nothing ever goes right. With fantastic slapstick comedy, a relation to a normal American family and even a S.W.A.T team (don’t ask) the whole family will very much enjoy this Christmas sensation!

Home Alone

This is one of my very favorite Christmas movies and if you enjoy slapstick comedy then you are going to love this movie. That is of course if you haven’t seen it already as most people out there have! Don’t forget that this is a Christmas movie and that the time of year to wipe the dust off the DVD case is now!

These are only a couple of my favorites when it comes to Christmas movies, don’t forget some of the other greats like Elf, The Santa Claus Trilogy, Miracle on 34th Street and the classic It’s a Wonderful Life.

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