The Best Mother’s Day Present For Under $25.00

Best Mothers Day PresentThe good folks at Nerd Wallet are running a Mother’s Day promotion and are asking bloggers what they think would be the best Mother’s Day present for under $25. The question intrigued me. Of course many traditional gifts come to mind (flowers, candy, etc.), but after thinking about it for awhile I concluded that the best Mother’s Day present is a Rainbow Water Prism. I have one of these handcrafted prisms hanging in my kitchen window, and it really makes a remarkable gift.

Why not give your mother a rainbow on this most special of days?

The Rainbow Water Prism is handcrafted from crystal clear, beveled glass. As you can see from the picture, the prism really is beautiful. When filled with distilled water and hung in a sunny window, the prism shines rainbows throughout the room. On sunny mornings when I drink my coffee, the kitchen counter tops, walls, and floor come alive with rainbows. On cloudy days I don’t have rainbows, but I still have a beautiful ornament hanging in my window.

Rainbow Water Prisms are made right here in the United States, and for only $24.95 + free shipping you’d be hard pressed to find a more affordable and unique gift. The rainbow is a universal symbol of love and peace — perfect for moms everywhere. So what do you think? Do you have any other great Mother’s Day gift ideas?

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