The Perfect Bridesmaids Gift

I was in the bridal party for my best friend’s wedding this weekend. Some of the ladies that stood with the bride were moms and some were not. Some of us were married and some were not. I knew the bride was an organized person and wondered how she’d buy all of these different bridesmaids the same gift and still make it somewhat meaningful. I also know she’s a fan of saving money. Aren’t we all?

wedding giftsWhen the big day arrived, as I predicted, we all had the same little wrapped gift passed out to us. I was so pleasantly surprised to find a charm bracelet. It was a classic choice. The three pewter charms that the bride added to each bracelet were unique to each individual. We all had a wedding cake charm engraved with the wedding date. The other two, the bride had chosen for us individually. Mine were a VW Bug (what I drove when we were in college together) and the other was fish (our first pet when lived together in the dorms). I found out later, that she had some of the charms custom made.

I was so impressed with the bride’s choice of gifts for her diverse bridal party that I had to share it. It’s hard to find gifts that you can give to a group of people yet still make unique and not spend a small fortune.

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  1. Heather Turner says:

    Wow, I’m gonna suggest this to other brides to be. I wish I wouldve thought of this for my wedding!

  2. I love charms and charm bracelets! What a great idea! =] I’ve only been to one wedding in my life and it was outside on a sunny summer day. There were bubbles and lots of happiness and it was really pretty. Everyone sat outside and had the wedding, then we went inside to eat the cake. It was a really pretty wedding. I think a charm bracelet of some sort or just the charm in a little box would be a great little gift.