The Top 5 Eye Makeup Trends of 2013

Top 5 Eye Makeup Trends 2013Breaking out of the doldrums created by the oversized sunglasses craze from the past few years, women everywhere are making bold and bright statements with their eye makeup in 2013.  The definitive trends that we’re seeing on the catwalks and streets of the leading fashion cities all point to a heightened emphasis on bright colors on the lower and upper lids as well as the amazingly spectacular bejeweled look coming back into style.

Think flashy Egyptian princesses gone glam rather than the drab innocence we’ve seen with black on black eye makeup over the past few years.  2013’s fashion styles are all about bold choices with a bright outlook for the contemporary woman so be sure to embrace your inner goddess and apply your makeup with the confidence and exuberance befitting of a queen.

The Five Hottest Eye Makeup Trends in 2013

This year, be sure to incorporate at least three of these trends into your daily makeup routine each just to gauge the reaction you get.  The best thing about these trends is that they make accessorizing and planning your outfits even more fun.

1.  Yellow Eye Shadow Trends 2013:  When you think of words that go with “bright,” one of the first things that should pop into your head is that giant yellow orb above our heads each day: the sun.  Sunshine inspired eyes have made their way into the top fashion houses this year including Lela Rose’s yellow highlights at the New York Fashion Week shows.   Rose went with a bright yellow eye shadow that started in the corner of the eye and continued upwards through approximately two-thirds of the eyelid area.

Alternatively, we also saw fashion maven Betsy Johnson use yellow eye shadow smack dab in the middle of eyebrows and eyelashes which were accentuated in darkness.  This gives a color explosion via minimalist expressions while still allowing the innocence of darker eyes to shine through—albeit with a kick of yellow spunk.

2. Pretty in Pink Covers 

Not quite as bold but decidedly more feminine and soft, pink eye makeup (not to be confused with pink eye!) is an innovative trend you can expect to see a lot of in 2013.  Donna Karan was the real star of the show when she sent out models with pink cover on their upper and lower eyelids, framing the eyes with a circle of pink that met at the corners.  What this did was create a sophisticated look from a typically “girly” color.

When you’re using pink eye shadow this season, think of ways that can “reclaim” pink from the little girl-like symbolism it invokes and bring it back into womanhood.  Just remember, breast cancer awareness’s color is pink and there’s nothing childish about that.

3. Get in Shape

While the eye is one of the most easily recognizable shapes, there isn’t a real name for it in geometry.  That’s why designers like Jean Pierre Braganza decided to bring geometry to the eye, showcasing sleek blue and white eyeliner designs that spread the beauty of the shape all across the eye.  What’s probably most unique about this look is that it is minimalistic, requiring no touches on the eyelids or the rest of the face.  This brings out the natural geometry of the face, but you should feel free to experiment with matching shapes in your outfit and accessories.

4. Bejeweled is the Eye of Beauty 

We all know how many things have been bejeweled and bedazzled over the past few years and now, it’s the eye’s turn.  The house of Dior made a big move this year when they added Swarovski crystals to their model’s eyes to bring the bling up from the ring, to the eye.  Use contrasting eye bases that are neutral or dark to make your jewels pop out off of your face and bring out that sparkle in your eye.  Or, pick jewels that contrast your eye shadow and color to bring even more bold, bright, beauty to your face.  For instance, go with yellow crystals on pink eye shadow or red on green.

5.  Classic Chic

Of course, as always, the classic eye shadow look is always in every year.  What’s great about solid bases is that you can play them up with your accessories (i.e. earrings, scarves, glasses frame, etc.) or your outfit.  Try to keep your eye makeup toned down if you’re wearing overly loud blouses, but feel free to get crazy if you have to wear a button down for appearances—wearing the right eye makeup is a great way to keep it demure while still showing a little bit of your perky personality.

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