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Tuna SquishThe very first meal that I cooked on my own was my grandmother’s tuna casserole. I was about 13 years old, and my mother supervised as I gathered the ingredients and began the food prep. Tuna casserole isn’t a complicated meal, and my grandmother’s recipe was easy to follow. Some mac and cheese, sliced mushrooms, pimentos, green pepper — things were going great!

That is until it came time to open and drain the two cans of tuna.

I really made a mess of things with tuna juice spilling down my wrists and splattering the kitchen counter. To make matters worse, my hand slipped as I was fidgeting with the tuna can and I cut my thumb on the jagged edge of the lid. My mother was sympathetic, but as every cook knows, there’s no practical way around wrestling with a tuna can and dealing with the juice and oily mess. Yuck! It’s a wonder any of us bother eating tuna in the first place.

My Review: Needless to say, I was intrigued when given the opportunity to review the Tuna Squish. This kitchen device is basically a handheld press that allows you to drain a can of tuna without having to touch the tuna or the liquid. In addition, the Tuna Squish is designed to safely remove and eject the can’s lid so you don’t have to touch it. Ever since my first misadventure in cooking, I’ve hated draining tuna cans and I was eager to see if the Tuna Squish was the solution to a very vexing problem.

The words tuna and adorable aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but as soon as the Tuna Squish arrived I couldn’t help but fall in love with the cute design. As you can see from the photos, the Tuna Squish is incredibly detailed and takes the shape of a cartoon tuna complete with eyes and fins. I was immediately drawn to the bright blue colors, and couldn’t help smiling in admiration. Looking more like a toy than a tool, the designers who created the Tuna Squish really did a great job making an aesthetically pleasing device.

Adorable cuteness is a definite plus, but would the Tuna Squish really live up to its claim? Would I never have to make a mess again when draining an opened can of tuna? I was about to find out, and eagerly got down to work.

Tuna-Squish-DemoThe first step was to open the can of tuna with a can opener. No worries there. Opening tuna cans has never been a problem — it’s what happens after that causes headaches. As soon as the can was opened, I separated the Tuna Squish handles (the device’s “tail fins”) and placed the can inside towards the front. The can fit perfectly and I began to squeeze. At first I was afraid I would need to have forearms like Popeye and really clamp down hard to press the can, but this wasn’t the case. Surprisingly, it hardly took any effort at all to squeeze the handles together, and I did it with one hand. I turned the Tuna Squish sideways over the kitchen sink, and noted that the can stayed in place without any movement. The liquid simply poured down the sink, and for the first time in my life I was able to drain a can of tuna without making a mess!

How about the lid? Trying to dig a sharp lid out of a can of tuna is no joy, and for me this is where the Tuna Squish really shines. A hidden magnet in the top of the device holds onto the lid when you press. When the handles are separated, the lid lifts away from the can. The top “fin” on the Tuna Squish is actually a release trigger. Press the trigger and the magnet disengages. Presto! I was able to safely jettison the sharp lid into the trash without touching it.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Tuna Squish and I discovered that the device truly lives up to its claims. I was able to drain a can of tuna without making a mess of things. The Tuna Squish is not only innovative, but is a gorgeously designed kitchen tool that any cook would appreciate. To see the Tuna Squish in action, check out the company’s You Tube Video below:


Giveaway: Are you interested in having your very own Tuna Squish? You can purchase one direct from the company’s website for the affordable price of $9.99 + shipping. Also, thanks to the good folks at Tuna Squish, one lucky reader of The Shopping Mom is also going to win one of these fabulous devices free of charge!


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