The Wow Factor: Top 5 Swim Suit Trends 2011

Both old and new looks are in for swim suit trends in 2011. Ladies have a wide selection of the latest bikinis that includes looks that reach as far back as grandma’s closet and those that are entirely fresh. Many of this year’s selections may leave both onlookers and wearers feeling dazzled and smitten with design desire. Here is the wow factor in top 5 swim suit trends for 2011.

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1. Vintage Is Still In
There is no stopping the simplistic sex appeal of old-school vintage wear. However, is this look good for swim suits in 2011? Well, the full-cup tops, cinched-waist designs and high-bottom boy shorts seem to make the right statement for swimmers. Of course there is always the classic-white vintage look, but the style and texture of this year’s swim suits can still accentuate the Monroe-Kelly bombshells in any color. In fact, there are unlimited styles of playful or elegant vintage prints in both simple one and two-piece suites. Let’s not forget that this year’s vintage selections also feature sheared-off sides, halters, sweat-heart necklines that can still bring onlookers to their knees.

2. Straps Anyone?
Strap lovers will get a kick out of wearing the 2011 trend wear for swim suits. Yet, these straps are not your ordinary cinch-and-go look. This year’s swim suit trends that are adorned with straps say everything bold, beautiful and sexy. These fun looks are not for the faint of heart. Those that choose these looks may need to brace themselves for a grab or two. With criss-cross looks to multiple eye-popping repeats, strap wear comes in both thin and thick cuts. These babies are sure to keep the eyes moving with delight.

3. Grandma’s Crochet Is a Keeper After All
There are crocheted swim suits in 2011? Yes, they are available and they have been inspired by grandma’s bedding. Yet, don’t get these yarned looks twisted. These swim suits are elegantly sexy and desirous. They will make any crochet lover do a double take. Even those that would toss grandma’s work off the bed will be envious of these revealing ensembles.

4. Ruffle My Feathers
Ruffles are in again and they are created with both supercharged and subtle new looks. Even with styles that declare ruffle domination, they are created with class and fun in mind. Ruffled swim trends abolish rules and can take on any form or cut. However, they rule when it comes to offering sexy beach and pool wear.

5. Shoulder On Shoulder Off
With a slopping shoulder strap or a straight one, there is no stopping this one-shoulder swim suite trend in 2011. Yet, these one-strap looks cannot compare to the old style that features a simple one-piece and one color look. Instead, this trend features a rather thick strap that is made in a different color from the body of the swim attire. Moreover, swimmers can also find fun digital-print suites to wear to their next sunbathing occasion.

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