Think Crochet for a Stylish Spring. The Designers Are!

A review of the spring and summer lines that have been produced by some of the world’s leading fashion designers reveals that one of the hottest trends this year is crochet clothing. Many chain stores are offering more affordable versions of what the designers are putting out for moms who need to be stylish on a budget. Better yet, get your own crochet hook and use that inspiration from the runway to make your own hot spring clothing!

Crochet on the Runways

The spring and summer lines of many of the world’s leading fashion designers are sprinkled with crochet fashion this year. The look blends the laid back bohemian design of the 1990’s with the hippie styles of the 1970’s but updates the silhouettes for modern women in today’s world.

Examples of some of the leading designers who are featuring crochet on the runway include:

  • John Paul Gaultier. This designer is known for his extremely cutting edge high fashion designs. Believe it or not, his 2011 Spring Couture line featured sexy crochet shoes worn with fishnet stockings. Replace the fishnets with opaque tights and these shoes could take you to work in style.
  • Dolce and Gabbana. There are a lot of accessories from this famous brand that are being done in crochet right now. A crochet purse and crochet clog heels (both in white crochet) are two examples.
  • Missoni. This creative designer brand from Italy is known for its knitwear but right now they’re featuring a lot of crochet work. In particular they’ve got some great crochet swimsuits. Moms that are worried about bikinis should know that crochet one-pieces are available in very flattering designs.

An up-and-coming new designer also made headlines recently with a crochet collection. Matteo Molinari is a 27-year-old fashion designer who won the London College of Fashion’s annual MA Fashion Design and Technology Show collection of the year award this year with a crochet menswear line. Although made for men, some of the sweaters in his collection would be great for a woman to cozy up in!

Crochet in Major Stores

Most of us can’t afford to purchase fashion items straight off the runway. However, major stores are adopting the popular look of crochet this season with more affordable crochet fashions of their own. Some of the top spots with crochet lines this spring include:

  • Urban Outfitters. This is a great place to get crochet swimsuits, crochet tops and dresses and crochet accessories like hats and scarves. This isn’t your grandma’s crochet!
  • Target. There is a new fashion line emerging at Target that is in collaboration with Calypso St. Bart and it features lots of crochet work. Crochet paneling on tunics, crochet lace embellishment on many clothing items and crochet lined intimates are a few of the things you’ll find in this line.
  • Top Shop and Marks & Spencer. These are both leading UK stores that are featuring crochet this season. Top Shop has 1970’s inspired maxi dresses done in crochet and Marls & Spencer will feature both crochet fashions and crochet home décor items.

Crochet is a great craft that is easy for even busy moms to learn. You can certainly pick up crochet items from these stores and designers but you can also work on making a few choice items yourself!

This is a guest post from Kathryn who writes a crochet blog called Crochet Concupiscence. Her crochet articles include crochet fashion news, crochet tutorials, crochet artist reviews and quotes about crochet.

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