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Tippy The RaindropI truly believe that reading to your children is one of the best ways to spend time together. Not only does reading aloud help a young child obtain early language skills, reading helps to inspire a child’s imagination and develop a love for books. In our home we’ve set aside time for “book club.” At least once a week the computers, iPhones, television, and video games are turned off and the entire family spends time together reading. I usually pop a big bowl of popcorn and the older girls read Nancy Drew or Goosebumps while my husband and I take turns reading to our youngest. We had some resistance to the idea at first, but now our children really look forward to the special time we spend together (the popcorn doesn’t hurt!).

My Review. When I was approached to write a book review of Theodora Klein-Carroll’s Tippy the Raindrop I jumped at the chance. I really enjoy reading aloud to my youngest daughter, and I’ve always been impressed with the talent of children’s book authors. In my opinion, it would be difficult enough to write a book, let alone a book that could connect with a child in a meaningful way. Theodora Klein-Carroll has crafted a beautifully told story with bright illustrations and skilled writing. Tippy the Raindrop will surely be a hit with you and your children.

Tippy the Raindrop tells the story of Tippy, a cheerful raindrop who desires to make a flower blossom. On his way to fulfilling his dream, he encounters the evil North Wind who blows Tippy all the way to the North Pole where our brave little raindrop freezes into a snowflake. How can Tippy possibly ever fulfill his dream while frozen in the North Pole? With courage and determination, Tippy thinks of a solution. He politely tells the selfish North Wind that he’s quite happy being a snowflake. Enraged by Tippy’s happy demeanor and positive outlook, the North Wind blows him all the way back to his raincloud where Tippy is finally able to accomplish his dream. He makes a flower bloom and brings beauty into the world.

All in all, Tippy the Raindrop is an enchanted tale that teaches children to set goals, follow dreams, and learn to develop problem solving skills. Theodora Klein-Carroll really is an exceptional story teller, and she promotes a positive message for young children. My daughter loved hearing about Tippy’s adventure, and the book has now become a staple during our weekly “book club.”

Tippy the Raindrop is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Balboa Press. You can learn more about the book and Tippy’s adventure at www.tippytheraindrop.com.

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned book for my review. The opinions here are mine alone.

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