Tips for Baking the Perfect Christmas Cookie

Everyone has a Christmas cookie recipe that they depend on to make their cookies every year. Whether the recipe is a family recipe, a recipe out of their favorite cook book or one that you found online there are still a few tips you can use to make your Christmas cookies come out even better.

christmas cookies

Baking with Flour
An accurate measurement of flour is really, really important. Using too much flour to make cookie dough can make the cookie dry and tasteless. Having not enough cookie dough can make the cookie fold in on its self while still in the oven.

If the recipe that is being used calls for the flour to be sifted, then the flour should be sifted to avoid too much dough. When adding brown sugar to dough, it is best to pack it into the bottom of the measuring cup to leave more room for other items.

Using Butter in Cookies
Butter is a secret, but important ingredient to use in cookie dough. Baking with butter can give your cookies a great texture, a golden brown cover and keep it chewy for a longer amount of time. If you like your cookies soft and chewy, you should make the cookie dough with butter and then put the cookies in a covered tray.

Festive Cookies
Baking cookie should never be boring and Christmas cookies should not look boring either. Bakers can buy cookie cutters that are in the shape of Santa clauses or angels to allow for a more festive environment. Let kids decorate them with their favorite candies.

Try to buy cookie ingredients early. You should consider can mixing the dough and freezing it ahead of time. Freezing it ahead of time will allow you to thaw it out and then do the fun part of cutting it into shapes anytime you want to.

It will save you time and allow you to organize better for all of your other things on your Christmas to- do list. Cookie dough will freeze and still remain fresh for up to four to six weeks. When the baking is all done, you can serve your Christmas cookies on a plate to family, friends and neighbors as a warm gesture for the holiday season.

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