Tips For Buying Maternity Clothes

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maternity clothes tips

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Buying maternity clothes that are stylish and affordable can be a challenging task. There is more choice available today and the internet has brought open a lot more options. After the first trimester every women will have to move into maternity clothes buying one size up is no longer going to get over the bump!

What to look for in maternity clothes

  1. Go for natural fabrics like cotton, some pregnant women can suffer itchiness of the skin, which can result in hot scratchy rashes.
  2. Get yourself a good pair of jeans. They go with just about everything and means you can concentrate more on tops to buy after you have these essential maternity item!
  3. Always go for comfort over style. You will end up discarding the item because it is not comfortable to wear.
  4. Just because you have a bump does not mean you can’t be stylish! There are plenty of options in the mall or on the internet. Take your time and don’t settle for second best! Kikis Fashion, UnButtoned Materity,and Motherhod all offer stylish maternity clothing options for ever budget.
  5. Purchase the same size as you were before you were pregnant – these sizes are designed to fit.
  6. If you are shopping at the mall try everything on. Make plenty of time for you’re shopping and trying on the items beforehand means you are less likely to have to have to take anything back.
  7. Don’t forget to try to borrow or buy second hand from friends of family. This is a cheap and easy way – maternity clothes don’t represent the best value so second hand is a good way to save on your budget. E bay is a possibility as well – plenty of excellent clothes to be had!
  8. Some women just buy big baggy clothes! Don’t do it! Maternity clothes are designed to fit your new body shape. These clothes will look much better than baggy clothes.
  9. Your breasts will grow during pregnancy so consider buying a materrety bra. Again make sure the bra fits, make sure you a shop assistant to help you in this process.
  10. High heel shoes are going to make very difficult – buy comfortable shoes that will not affect your balance.
  11. Support tights can help reduce swollen ankles and aching legs.
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  1. There are so many maternity clothes that have become hoochie! I think comfort counts…the beauty will shine through your face.