Tips For Buying The Best Wooden Swing Set

It’s starting to feel like spring and may parents are looking for ways to get the kids outside playing. This year we have been looking at wooden swing sets for our kids for the backyard. During the spring and summer we try to get the kids outside instead of just watching TV or playing video games. While searching for wooden swing sets I found some great tips from Woodplay for buying the most well-engineered swing set.

Woodplay Wooden Swing Sets

Woodplay, the original redwood playset company, and the swing set industry leader in affordability, durability and sustainability, offers this checklist of questions parents should ask when they are comparing outdoor playsets:

1. How do I know it’s safe?
Look for wooden swing sets that comply with all ASTM standards for quality and safety. Also, see that the hardware used throughout the swing set is commercial-grade. Commercial-grade hardware is heavy-duty and is galvanized or coated with a corrosion resistant protectant such as Dacromet.

2. What’s the engineering behind the design?
“One thing to look for is how the joints are made,” says Woodplay Product Manager Tom Ellingson. “Swing sets require extremely strong joints because once you add a swinging apparatus, that back-and-forth motion works to loosen joints. That’s the reason Woodplay uses triple-joint construction, which means your wooden swing sets will last longer and require less maintenance.” Also look for bigger beams. Bigger beams reduces warping, twisting or cracking. Any swing that is lightweight should be off-limits to your kids.

3. Can I add to my wooden swing set as my kids get older?
Look for modular swing sets, where a base can be selected and your choice of components can be added to the base to make just the swing set desired.

4. Why wood instead of metal or plastic?
Plastic sets are the least expensive but also the least sturdy and don’t have a long lifespan. Metal sets can rust and bend and because they are anchored into concrete, they are not adaptable as the kids get older. Wooden playsets are parents’ top choice for safety, strength, resilience and adaptability.

5. What kind of wood is best?
Redwood. Woodplay Playsets are built primarily of the finest wood – redwood – which is resistant to insects and decay. Because insects aren’t attracted to the wood, it doesn’t need to be treated with dangerous chemicals (unlike wood species that use pressure treating to artificially extend product life.)

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  1. Cinella says:

    Thanks for this. The grandparents have been wanting to buy a swing set for our girls but don’t know which kind to buy. Thanks again, CJR @ The Mommy Blog