Tips for Choosing An Artificial Christmas Tree

What to look for in an Artificial Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas trees are becoming quite the rage due to their convenience, and they aren’t messy like real trees can often be. Artificial trees come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes that are sure to fit everyone’s tastes. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect tree to make your holiday that much brighter:

Deciding on a Color:

Just as a real pine tree comes in assorted shades, the same can be said for artificial trees too. There are quite a few shades of green to choose from when picking out your tree from lighter green, to a deeper shade of emerald. Artificial trees also come in non-traditional colors like pink, blue, red or clear. Another popular color of fake tree is white, because it represents snow. There are all white trees and some trees with white inlayed over the regular green pine tree branches to resemble a fresh snowfall.

Shape and Size:

Artificial trees can range in size from 18 inches to over 18 feet. Most of the smaller trees are the perfect choice for smaller homes, entryways, offices or even placed on tables. The larger varieties are perfect for spacious homes, restaurants and shopping centers. They also come in a plethora of shapes and needles. Some trees can come tall and slender or shorter and round. The needles vary also with either PVC or PE needles. PE needles resemble a more natural tree and PVC is a longer type of needle. A tree with hinged branches is much easier to assemble than those that hook into the trunk. It’s best to assess the area where you would like to place your tree and decide which tree will best suit that location.

Go for Quality:

One of the perks of purchasing an artificial tree is that you want it to last for years to come, so avoid buying a poorly constructed tree and invest in something that is high in quality, without breaking the bank. Look for a tree with full branches and the center of the pole is not exposed. A good high quality tree will even have faux trunks to make the tree look more realistic. Some artificial trees are even constructed of feathers that are actually dyed green. Most artificial trees come with their own stand. Choose a tree with a sturdy stand that won’t wobble, tilt and could possibly scratch your wood floors.


An added benefit of having an artificial tree is that they come pre-lit, which saves you time and does away with the aggravation and hassle of stringing up lights. Look for a tree with long lasting high quality lights and that are backed by an even longer warranty. Several features to look for are lights that continue to stay lit, even though a bulb is burned out or has been removed, locking mechanisms on bulbs to avoid fall out and a remote or button to push to turn the tree on and off with ease. Pre-lit trees come in either multi-colors or clear.

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