Tips for Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

kitechen cabinetsWhen taking on a kitchen remodeling project, choosing the right kitchen cabinets is one of the most significant decisions a homeowner will make. The cabinets are often front and center in a kitchen space, so homeowners need to think carefully about their choices to ensure that they make a selection they will be happy with for the next several years.

To make the decision making process a little easier, there are five main steps homeowners should think through when choosing kitchen cabinets.

1.    Determine Budget: Calculate the budget for the whole kitchen remodeling project. It is typically advised to allocate 30-50% of the budget to the kitchen cabinets.

2.    Select Cabinet Construction: There are three main types of cabinet construction available – stock, semi-custom and custom. The selection made here is usually determined by the budget that is available. Stock cabinets are pre-made in certain styles, sizes and finishes and are the cheapest option. Semi-custom cabinets will allow homeowners to change certain aspects of the cabinets, and custom cabinets are entirely unique to the space. The more custom the kitchen cabinets, the higher the price tag.

3.    Choose Cabinet Style: The design chosen for cabinet doors has a large impact on the overall style of the space. Clean lines work best for a modern space, while ornate and decorate details will create more of a traditional feel.

4.    Select Cabinet Material: The material of the cabinet will also impact the style of the kitchen. The three main material options are wood, metal and laminate. Wood is the most popular option for the majority of kitchens. Metal is becoming increasingly popular in modern and contemporary spaces.

5.    Choose Cabinet Finish: Wood cabinets can be stained or painted a variety of colors. Wood cabinets can also be left as is to highlight the natural wood color. Metal and laminate cabinets can be made in different colors as well.

By following these five steps, choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets becomes a breeze.

Josh Baxter writes for Long Fence and Home, a home improvement company that caters to homeowners in the DC metro area. He covers various home improvement topics, from explaining the benefits of replacement windows to discussing the details involved in a kitchen remodeling project.
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  1. It’s such a good idea to realize that it’s long term! and when your ready, A great kitchen can up a home’s value too and make it easier to sell.


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