Tips to Make Your Child’s Nursery Festive for The Holidays

How to Individualize Your Child’s Nursery for Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year, filled with magic and memories, for all ages. Bring a little bit of that magic into the nursery, with a few simple seasonal changes that make a big difference.

Traditional holiday colors are red and green, but regardless of the nursery theme you’ve chosen, there are numerous creative methods for bringing in the holiday cheer.

Turn Wall Art into Gifts
Take down all of the framed photos and wall art in the nursery and wrap them up as if they were gifts, then rehang them. Beautiful ribbons and wrapping paper that coordinate with the nursery colors make this project less of an eyesore. Gold or silver wrapping papers are soothing in an infant’s room, whereas bright vibrant colors are more exciting for older children.

Baby-safe Holiday Tree
Babies and toddlers find holiday trees to be irresistible, and many parents have a difficult time monitoring the tree for safety. Between all those delicate glass ornaments, teeny choking hazards and priceless heirloom decorations, a Christmas tree can make even the most relaxed parent a nervous wreck. This is a great time to get creative and create a baby-safe tree in the nursery. Instead of a real tree that can be knocked down, mount a pine wreath on the wall, then decorate with a knitted garland and stuffed felt “ornaments.”

Holiday Lights
For some children, the magic of the season is in the multi-coloured lights strung up everywhere. Hang some in the nursery, or even just outside the window so that when the childrens roman blinds are lifted, the lights will shine through. Winter nights can be long, dark and dreary but festive holiday lights add the perfect amount of sparkle and magic.

Holiday Rugs
Most babies and toddlers play on the floor, in fact all the beautiful table-scapes atop the dresser and upper shelves can’t even be seen from baby’s point of view. The floor is where they spend most of their playtime and many home decor outlets sell holiday themed rugs that can be brought in to change the environment a little. Popular themes include snowmen, Saint Nicholas and religious themes.

Greeting Cards

Many families have a tradition of exchanging greeting cards during Christmas. Purchase a set of miniature greeting cards and deliver them to a special in-house post-box right outside the nursery door. Your toddler or pre-schooler will love checking the box each day and opening the teeny cards.

The holidays turn everyday life into an adventure. The spirit of goodwill and generosity are not lost on children. Look for other ways to bring the magic of the season into the child’s life. Whether you choose to deliver meals to needy families, buy presents to give anonymously, volunteer for a local charity or otherwise give of your time, energy and resources, do your best to make sure your children are aware of this, as much as they can understand. Bringing Christmas into the nursery is a great first step.

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