Top 10 Gifts For Game Lovers

Chances are, you’re pretty clear on what games the gamer in your life wants for Christmas or their birthday at this point. Outside of the hottest new titles, the rarest classics and a month of Xbox Live Gold, these are the ten gifts that gamers want.

Energy Drink Four Packs

When the hot new shooter or RPG comes out, the only way to break it in is with an all nighter, and that’s where energy drink four packs come in. Is it responsible to drink four in one night? Absolutely not, but that’s half the fun of it.

Old School Setups

For the gamer that has all the newest gear, get them some of the oldest. If you really want to surprise your Xbox addicted friend, try giving them an Atari 2600 and a bottle of Mountain Dew for some retro fun.

Bean Bag Chairs

These chairs only last about a year before they become ratty and need to be tossed, but in the meantime, science has yet to produce a better seat for gamers. You want to be able to sort of “ooze” into your chair when in the middle of a battle with some goons.

HiFi Headphones

Cheaper than a surround sound system, delivers similar quality sound, and allows a gamer to play in private and at night without disturbing roommates, family or neighbors. HiFi, quality headphones can lend cinematic quality sound to the gaming experience without costing a fortune.

Digital Recorder for Console Gamers

When a PC gamer pulls off an awesome kill, they can just record their screen to commemorate it. Console gamers are left out in the cold on that front. A digital recorder lets gamers prove that they totally DID pull off five headshots with one bullet.

Extra Memory for PC Gamers

Sometimes a gamer’s computer doesn’t need to be replaced, just souped up a bit. This is where extra memory comes in, allowing for faster, higher quality gameplay.

A New Graphics Card

Same goes with graphics cards. They get outdated, fast, so dropping a new graphics card in the stocking once a year isn’t a bad tradition to get started for a serious gamer.

Wireless Mouse

All PC gamers need a wireless mouse, but not all gamers bother getting around to buying one. A wireless USB mouse with no wires to trip you up can help make the difference between cat-like reflexes and getting owned at every turn.

Weight Bench

It’s good to get away from the monitor or television every now and then, but gamers are always forgetting to do so. A weight bench makes it fun to stay in shape and get some exercise, and by marking one’s progress, weight lifting can even become a type of game in its own right.

Steam Credits

And finally: credits for the online game service, Steam. These allow gamers to pick up those games that slipped through the cracks this holiday.

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