Top 5 Living Room Accents

Finding the perfect living accents can be challenging! With so many options available, it is hard to know where to begin looking. Thankfully, the top five living room accents are versatile enough to match just about any decor and are found in a wide range of prices to accommodate almost any budget.

Tree Wall Art
Trees are an excellent representation of life and vitality. They come in many different shapes, styles and materials, but one of the most striking is when they are presented in metal wall sculptures. The curve of the metal itself, the shine and shimmer of the metallic finish and the depth and visual interest that such pieces provide make them excellent choices for decor. A piece such as the Majestic Canopy Metal Wall Sculpture is one such example. It has graceful, flowing lines and bold style and design which makes it ideal for any living room setting.

living toom accentsAbstract Art
Once only used in ultra-modern decors, abstract art is finding its place in traditional home settings. It ranges greatly from the sleek and smooth to the more elegantly curved abstract designs. The Floral Sphere Contemporary Wall Decor is an example of one of the most graceful abstract art pieces available. It is two feet in diameter and has flowing lines of bronze, teal and black that intersect throughout the design. While it will look stunning in any room, a living room with a slightly abstract flair will benefit from its design the most.

Wall Tapestries
If your living room is more traditional in design, the Boulevard Saint- Germain Crafted Wall Tapestry is an example of a piece that will look stunning in your decor. It hangs elegantly from a wrought iron bar and features a detailed image that provides a striking focal point on the living room wall. Like most wall tapestries, this piece requires professional dry cleaning to maintain its beauty and integrity.

Wall Crosses
There is something beautiful about the detailed and elegantly scrolled wall crosses found in today’s modern decor. They have the hint of Old World charm, while also looking at home in any living room. The Serifos Metal Cross Set of 2 is a perfect example of a set of crosses that contain beautiful coloring and design. They are richly detailed and the versatility in their coloring makes them ideal when matching different decors. At over 20-inches high by 16-inches wide, these wall crosses make a striking focal point for your living room.

Wall Clocks
Everyone needs to tell time and wall clocks provide the perfect opportunity to combine style and function into one living room accent piece. The Rust Old Gear Wall Clock is one piece that will never go out of style. Its open face design showcases the beauty of the clock gears below while providing a working time piece. Like most wall clocks, this piece does not need to be limited to the living room space.

While not all living rooms can handle each of the top five living room accents, the styles and designs are so varied that there is a lot of versatility with decorating. Use the pieces that strike you as appropriate for your home. While you may be incorporating a design that is popular, your product selection will be uniquely your own.

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