Top 5 Toy Trucks for Your Little Boy

Boys and their toys; it’s a tradition that stems from early childhood. Toy trucks have been traditional gifts for young boys for decades and continue to be one of the most purchased gifts for the male gender. Who can blame these young men for growing up with a love of all things on four wheels?

Dads: do you remember crawling around the backyard with your bright yellow Tonka dump truck? Did you make engine noises as you pushed your truck up a mound of dirt and back down again? Most dads have these memories and want to recreate them for their sons. Manufacturers are constantly developing new ways to stimulate the imaginations of little boys by adding lights, sounds and even mini-motors to toy trucks.

If you have a son, nephew or grandson looking for a new truck, choosing from one of these five will make you a hero!

Stinky the Garbage Truck

Mattel’s Stinky is a part of the company’s Big Rig Buddies collection. The bright green, stark white and deep black coloring will stand out among your boy’s toy truck collection. Not only does Stinky store garbage, he asks for it! When Stinky is hungry, he’ll beg your child to feed him and, when he’s full, he’ll stand up to empty what he’s been fed. The truck reacts to touch, light and sound and has a vocabulary of over 100 sounds and phrases.

Rocky The Robot Truck

Matchbox has long been a name in toy cars and they are quickly becoming a force to reckon with in the toy truck market. Rocky not only pushes things around the house or yard, he can sing, dance and tell your children jokes. If your kids tire Rocky out, he’ll go to sleep and even snore. Rocky the Robot Truck has a big personality and will quickly become your son’s new favorite toy.

Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck

Parents love toys that teach! This truck, manufactured by Little Tikes, is a fantastic educational tool. The truck has a small, pressurized water tank and a working hose, just like a real fire truck. Use the toy to teach your children about fire and fireman, and the important job that these first responders do. Children learn best when they are engaged and having fun.  This toy gives you the perfect opportunity to teach some real life lessons.

Get Ready To Race Chuck

Part of Tonka’s Tonka Chuck line, Get Ready To Race Chuck is one of the most popular trucks for little boys everywhere. The bright red and yellow coloring and the smiling face on the grill, make this a fun toy for small boys. Children can remove Chuck’s parts and put them back in different places making for one silly truck! Full of lights, sounds and a healthy vocabulary, Get Ready To Race Chuck is perfect for kids aged three and up.

Build n’ Drive Dump Truck

The Fisher-Price Little People Builders Build n’ Drive Dump Truck is a quick favorite among small children. While your kids can take the truck into the backyard and use stones, dirt and sticks, they won’t have to! The truck comes equipped with plastic accessories like bricks, rock blocks and a small construction worker that provide hours of indoor fun.

Boys love trucks; it’s a simple fact that we’ve known since trucks were invented. Any of these five toy trucks will be a welcome addition to your child’s collection, stimulating their imagination and providing endless entertainment!

Author Dan Nielson is a contract electrician and blogs for, a site that specializes in suspensions for trucks. They have everything from Bilstein shocks to firestone air bags.



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