Top Fashion Designers For Haute Moms

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The world of fashion is one of glamor and style. Everything that we call fashion we owe to designers and designer houses that try anything and will do anything to have their vision and their art shown in true splendor and expressed in the best way possible. And while some people think that most haute couture looks alike, there are some fashion designers that truly break the mold and go all out in the name of fashion. In fact, all of the names that we are about to talk about are fashion pioneers in their own way and have changed the world of design, leading it into what we know now.

1. Christian Dior

Born in 1905, Christian Dior is a household name for any fashion aficionado. House Dior has managed to survive the death of Christian and keep itself in the cutting edge of fashion. Not only have they expanded into the world of accessories and even perfumes, they have the likes of John Galliano working for them to ensure that the line stays fresh and continues to dazzle people all over the world.

2. Calvin Klein

One of the best fashion brains to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Calvin Klein is one of the world’s leading designers, and has been so since the 70s. The Calvin Klein brand has evolved from the world of garments to underwear and even perfumes, making it a fashion empire valued in the millions. Calvin Klein is considered by many to be the all-American designer, of jeans and tight fits, clothes that can be worn by everyone but that only a genius can put out.

3. Ralph Lauren

The reason why we’re talking about Ralph Lauren right after Calvin Klein is no coincidence. The two seem to personify two opposites of fashion, but that may end up being two sides of the same coin. Ralph Lauren clothes are all about glamour and a rich lifestyle. They appeal to the more conservative side of all of us, while still being cutting edge in their own way. While you’ll see Calvin Klein garments play with shape and fit, you’re most likely to spot Ralph Lauren clothes being all about innovative patterns and new looks on traditional garments.

4. Gianni Versace

The Versace house is just another name for “high fashion” as far as we are concerned. Based in Italy, arguably the number one country for the high fashion industry, the good people of Versace put together one quality collection after another, and their designs seem so effortless in their splendor that you almost feel like they are somehow cheating.

5. Giorgio Armani

Another Italian, Giorgio Armani may not be the embodiment of the experimental fashion world, but the Armani people always put out quality clothes that have the consumer in mind. Armani suits are considered one of the best in the world and, like any suit, it’s not because of how good the suit looks but because of how good the person wearing it is made to look.  And if we could sum up Armani in one sentence, it would be just that: it will make you look great.

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