Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Motherhood is an important role that should be honored and celebrated…one of the best ways to commemorate the bond between mother and child is through perfect gift choices for Mother’s Day. Falling on May 8th, this meaningful special occasion is the perfect way to reward a Mom for her years of nurturing, love, and devotion. If you’re looking for some special gifts for a special lady, you’ll enjoy this quick guide to some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas:

Jewelry That Honors Motherhood – Many jewelry designers create special pendants and charms that celebrate mother and child. These important pieces often feature mother-and-child motifs, or exquisite engraving of words such as “Mom” or “Mother”. Such gifts can become meaningful and cherished tokens of affection that are worn proudly for years. You may also want to consider a Silver Celtic Knot Family Birthstone Pendant that features all of the birthstones of a mother’s children. These necklaces are pretty and very wearable – in order to personalize your gift, all you need to do is choose the right birth month for each child. Mother’s pendants or charms make unique and lovely gifts for that will become sentimental favorites.

Digital Photo Frames – In the digital age, many busy mothers don’t take the time to print out photographs from their digital cameras. While many Moms enjoy activities such as scrap booking, others are simply too consumed with work, childcare, and their kid’s extracurricular activities. When you give a Mom a digital photo frame, it will be easy for her to display several pictures of her family in an office, kitchen, bedroom, or living room. This portable, practical gift will allow a mother to enjoy every digital photo she takes, without a lot of complicated instructions. Uploading photos to a digital photo frame is very easy and straightforward. Give a busy mom a gift she’ll adore by choosing a digital photo frame she can enjoy right away. The beauty of this gift is the way it can display several photos in an ongoing slide show.

Spa Gift Certificates – Almost any mother will enjoy a little pampering at a local spa. Massages, facials, manicures, salt scrubs, and other spa treatments can be soothing as well as effective. Before you book a treatment or buy a gift certificate for a special Mom, consider her personality – if she’s not the type who likes being touched by strangers, she may not appreciate the gift. If your special Mom does love beauty treatments and has enjoyed them in the past, you’re quite safe with this gift idea. To add uniqueness, find treatments with unusual elements – for example, hot stone massages are different from the norm and very pleasant. Research local spas and read customer reviews and BBB rankings – find a highly rated location with an excellent reputation.

Homemade Gifts – A Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to come from a store – homemade gifts can actually be original and charming ways to honor the occasion. Sometimes, it can be wonderful to add a little homemade gift tag or card to a Mother’s Day present…of course, you can also create the gift itself with your own two hands. Some fun ideas for homemade gifts include yummy baked treats, fruit preserves in jam jars, and stationery adorned with rubber-stamp monograms. Cover your homemade gifts with lovely wrapping paper and ribbons to make them even more special. If you’re interested in adding a homemade gift tag or embellishment, use craft felt or card stock to make the basic shape. Then, add stick-on crystals or rubber stamp motifs to make feminine and appealing designs. Tie onto your gift with a colorful ribbon.

Ciara O’Brien writes for the online Celtic jewelry store: Irish Celtic Jewels. On her blog, she gives tips and information about all things Irish, including weddings, history, symbolism and, of course, the famous Claddagh ring.

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