Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas for Kids

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What kid doesn’t love a day full of bows, curling ribbon, paper heart cut-outs, glossy red sheets, stickers and confetti? Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to let your child’s imagination go wild! From simple and cute cards to friendship bracelets and fun crafts that a family member will love, February 14th is a great day for your child to show off her skills and declaration of love. Best of all, most of these projects can be done with materials around your house! Here’s a couple great ideas for Cupid’s special day:

Home-made Valentine’s Day Cards

Nothing says “I love you” than a home-made card full of crayons, smiley faces and fluttering Cupids. There’s endless ways to make a card, but here’s a couple to think about:

  • Heart-shaped card – fold a piece of sturdy paper in half, and cut a half heart. Open it up and decorate. A neat variation is to get a poster-size piece of cardboard and fold it twice, and cut out your heart as usual. Open it all the way up, and you have two joined hearts to continue decorating.
  • Love bug – Cut out two heart-shaped cards, about four inches wide each, and decorate them, leaving the tips of the hearts blank (tape will go there.) Tape to an empty roll of toilet paper, and tape on googly-eyes and paper feelers. You got a love bug!
  • String of love – With a long piece of paper, fold accordion style, and trace a heart, but don’t make it complete around the folded end. Cut the trace, leaving part of the folded area uncut. Viola, a string of hearts!
  • Hand-wreath – I’m saw a couple of these last Christmas, and is great for teachers. Trace your child’s hand on a piece of paper, and again, about a dozen times, on different color sheets of paper. Cut them out, then tape or glue them onto a large, heart-shaped backing. Have your child decorate the valentine’s wreath. For teachers, this is great as all the students can give a helping “hand!”

Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

  • Wall hanging – Cut out a couple hearts, and paste to a ribbon. Have your child decorate each one or make a letter on each one to spell “L-O-V-E” or a name. Add a giant heart, silhouette of Cupid, or anything else to the top, and decorate. On the back, attach a loop of tied yarn so you can hook it on the wall or an object.
  • Love mug – This will have to be planned a couple weeks previous, such as mid-January. Look for a business where you can craft pottery. They will likely have a program where your child can come in and paint an unfinished piece of pottery, such as a bowl, mug, flower pot or other ornament. Have them paint to their heart’s content. When finished, you will likely have to wait for a week or two for them to cook the piece in their kiln. Once done, though, you will have a great Valentine treasure from your child!
  • Candy tree – Buy a dozen flat-faced suckers. Cut 24 hearts, making sure they are slightly larger than the suckers. You and your child can both do this. Glue two hearts to each side of the sucker. Using a small, terracotta pot, place a craft foam block inside (available at craft stores or floral shops.) You can glue the bottom to make it stay in place, but if you cut it to fit snugly in the pot, you shouldn’t need to. Cover with a piece of red or green tissue paper. Then, stick each sucker inside to create a floral bouquet!
About the author: Chris is the father of two preschool daughters, and can’t wait for the weekend when Mommy goes out shopping so they can make some crafts and cards for Valentine’s Day. He is the owner of a theme party site and has more ideas in his Valentine’s Day party ideas section.
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