Victorious: Season One, Volume One {review & giveaway} CLOSED

Tori Vega and the students at Hollywood Arts High School are ready to showcase their talents in their first DVD, Victorious: Season One, Volume One. The brand-new two-disc set includes the first ten episodes of the series, with an special features and guest appearances by Jerry Trainer (iCarly) and celebrity blogger Jared Eng (

Victorious is created and executive-produced by Dan Schneider, who also created other Nickelodeon hits like iCarly, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, The Amanda Show and Kenan and Kel. The show follows teenager Tori Vega (Victoria Justice) who attends the prestigious performing arts high school, Hollywood Arts. From her first day at the school, however, Tori feels out of place among the talented students, especially mean diva Jade (Elizabeth Gillies, Broadway’s 13). But with the help of her older sister Trina (Daniella Monet, A Fairly Odd Movie, Nancy Drew) and new friends including the musically gifted Andre (Leon Thomas III, August Rush, Broadway’s The Lion King, iCarly), brooding bad boy Beck (Avan Jogia, Spectacular!), eccentric Cat (Ariana Grande, Broadway’s 13) and lovable but psychologically scrambled ventriloquist Robbie (Matthew Bennett) – Tori realizes that she was born to perform and that entertaining people not only makes her happy but may change her life. Since its launch last April, Victorious has been the number-one program in its timeslot on all TV with kids 6-11, tweens 9-14, and teens 12-17, reaching 14.4 million kids, 15.1 million tweens, and 11.4 million teens each quarter.

Victorious: Season One, Volume One Episode Synopses:
Disc 1:

  • Pilot (Extended Version)
    Tori’s sister experiences an allergic reaction and is unable to sing at the big Hollywood Arts showcase. When Tori fills in, she ends up wowing the crowd and is instantly offered admission to the artsy school!
  • The Bird Scene
    Tori struggles to master the iconic Hollywood Arts monologue “The Bird Scene” for Mr. Sikowitz’s improv class. André and Robbie join a ballet class to meet girls.
  • Stage Fighting
    Jade falsely accuses Tori of really hurting her in a stage fight. Meanwhile, Trina and Robbie share a stage kiss, but Robbie thinks it was for real!
  • Beck’s Big Break
    Tori accidentally gets Beck fired from a small role in a movie and must figure out a way to get him his job back. Robbie suffers from nightmares about his best friend, Rex.
  • Tori the Zombie
    Tori gets the lead in a school musical, but things go awry when she lets Cat do her makeup on opening night.

Disc 2:

  • Jade Dumps Beck
    Jealous Jade dumps Beck but totally regrets it and asks Tori to help get him back. Trina puts on a one-woman show and threatens Robbie to give her a good review.
  • The Birthweek Song
    Tori writes and performs a special song as a birthday present for Trina, but ungrateful Trina sells the song for cash!
  • Robarazzi
    Robbie turns into a paparazzi monster, exposing all his friends and their embarrassing moments live on his blog.
  • A Film By Dale Squires
    Working with one of the hottest and youngest directors in the business, Tori and the gang release an awesome short film. But when the film is released and they don’t get credit, they plot revenge!
  • Rex Dies
    Rex is accidentally sucked into a giant jet fan and Tori is responsible. Robbie is an emotional wreck and it’s up to Tori to save Rex’s life.

{My Thoughts On Victorious: Season One, Volume One}

When we received a review copy of this new series I’d never heard of it. With Nickelodeon being one of my kids favorite TV stations, I was shocked there was a program on we did not know about. However, the new hit Victorious was new to me and my girls.

While my 5 year old and 7 year old daughters both watched the DVD’s when they arrived, I think my 7 year old enjoyed the programs the most. She is a huge iCarly and Big Time Rush fan so Victorious quickly kept her entertained for a few hours. The series reminds me of iCarly- a tween group of friends who are comical and does touch on some lessons of life.

Victorious has proven a good show for  the younger crowd and one that will be watched multiple times. This DVD collection would be a great gift for a tween girl!

Victorious is created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment. The new DVD collection Victorious: Season One, Volume One hits shelves on July 5, 2011, for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

Sound like a show your tween would enjoy? One lucky reader is going to win a copy courtesy of Nickelodeon!


One lucky reader is going to win the brand new Victorious: Season One, Volume One DVD collection.

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