What to Look for When Shopping for a Family Dentist

Finding the right dentist for your family can be pretty difficult, especially considering you’re working with a wide range of ages. Some dentists specialize in working with children (many of whom are afraid of this particular medical professional). Others may focus on adult cleanings, cosmetic procedures, or any number of specializations. In short, uncovering a good all-around dental office that can offer your family everything they need in the way of oral health is no easy feat. But by knowing what to look for you can make this task much easier. Here are just a few things to consider when you begin seeking a fabulous family dentist.

find a dentist1. Referrals. You can certainly rifle through the phone book to find a dentist, or even call the lady on the 1-800-DENTIST commercial, but the best way to discover a good dentist is through referrals. People are so picky when it comes to this type of medical care that they likely won’t stay with someone who’s horrible. So if you get a glowing review of a dental office you should take it as a good sign (as well as a place to start).

2. The menu, so to speak. You are probably looking for certain services. Perhaps your whole family enjoys spectacularly clean teeth so that all you really need are regular cleanings. In this case you wouldn’t want to go to an office that charges more simply because they cater to a clientele that’s seeking additional services. On the other hand, you might have a cornucopia of dental problems to address, from cavities to gum disease to tetracycline stains. In this case you’ll certainly need to find a dental office that has extended services.

3. Bedside manner. As an adult you may be somewhat more willing to deal with the discomfort caused by dentistry. But your kids probably won’t be so polite about it. If your children throw a fit every time they have to go for a cleaning, and you’re not particularly comfortable with the ham-fisted methods your current dentist employs, then it’s definitely time to think about making a change.

4. Education and experience. A dentist who is just starting his practice is likely to charge less than his colleagues (ditto if he went to a second-rate dental school). But price isn’t everything. For the sake of yourself and your family you may want to pay a little more for a dentist that has a long reputation and a credible degree on the wall.

5. Cost. If you don’t enjoy dental insurance you could be paying a pretty penny to keep your family’s teeth functional. However, the cost will be decidedly reduced by regular cleanings. Consider the price of a cleaning versus filling a cavity, pulling a tooth, or going for whitening. You’ll see that maintenance is far less expensive than the alternative.

Whether you’re seeking a Philadelphia implant dentist, a cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, or an oral surgeon in Orlando, you should get referrals and make sure that the services offered are safe, affordable, and suited to your family’s needs. Not all dentists are created equally and you need to find the one that fits you like a retainer.

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