Where Candles Fit into the Holiday Decorating

Holiday decorating offers dozens of creative ideas for accents, accessories, and themes, with thousands of combinations that can help you design beautiful holiday decor, depending on your own taste, for your home. From stars to trees and candles to ribbons, there are many different ways that you can liven up your everyday decor without spending thousands or having to work for hours to set up and remove your decorations. This article will help you learn where candles fit into the holiday decorating, and how you can maximize each candle’s potential based on room.

Living Space

The living room, family room, den, or media room are often considered the living spaces of the home, since they are where most of the family, friends, guests, and visitors congregate for fun and relaxation. Candles are very easy to integrate into your living space decor, especially faux candles that offer the beauty and scent without the fire or burn hazard. They make a beautiful addition to any surface, from mantels to coffee tables and much more.

In this type of space, incorporating candles into your holiday decorating is about scent and looks. A traditional candle is beautiful, but a faux candle with holiday decor is perfect. Scents are the best way to tie everything together and invoke memories from Christmas past, such as peppermint candy canes, pine trees, and pumpkin pie for example.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Another family and mealtime-oriented space, the dining room and kitchen can benefit from a candle when you decorate from the holidays as well. To create an inviting environment, you can use the table or countertop as the perfect place to design a candle centerpiece. Combine the candle with another holiday accent, such as tablecloth or themed decor, or use the candle alone to create something decorative for the holidays.

Again, scent is the key to creating an inviting space that brings to mind that holiday feel and justifies the use of the candle for holiday decor. In the dining room and kitchen, it is a great idea to use food-related scents, from pumpkin pie to apple cinnamon scents, so that the people who come into the room develop an appetite and want to stay in the room. A hungry crowd is more apt to gather together in this space than a crowd looking simply for a place to sit and relax.

Bathroom and Bedroom

The bathroom and bedroom are often overlooked when we decorate for the holidays, and it can be hard to determine where candles fit into the holiday decorating in these spaces. For these rooms, simple is best, since it is far less likely that anyone will notice that they are sparsely decorated when the living and eating spaces are the focal point. A plain faux candle with a holiday accent is a perfect addition to either space, and you can choose a scent that appeals to you, from something food-oriented to something a little more traditional, depending on what gets you in the holiday spirit.

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