Why Doing Crafts is Beneficial for Kids

Crafts are an important part of being a child and essential for exploring creativity. It gives children an opportunity to think outside the box and dive into areas outside of their comfort zone. More than mere time-fillers, crafts serve as an important role in childhood growth and education. The following are some of the key reasons why doing crafts is beneficial for kids:

  • Helps build confidence. At a young age, children need to cultivate their sense of competence. It’s important for them to be excited about trying new things rather than intimidated by it. With crafts, your child can see the realization of something they made and learn that mistakes are part of getting better.
  • Builds relationships. Crafts give children an opportunity to bond with those around them and learn how to work together in a cooperative effort.
  • Develops fine motor skills. Activities like drawing, tracing and cutting use the same muscles that are also used for writing papers or even playing certain sports.
  • Fosters an environment of self-expression. Arts and crafts are an excellent way to express feelings that might be difficult to put into words. It allows children of all ages an escape from daily stresses and put their thoughts on paper in a way that is most comfortable for them.
  • Improves creativity. Crafting is a haven to let the imagination run wild and can liberate your child from the need to play strictly with video games, toys or watch TV.
  • Reinforces a lesson. Crafts can either remind kids of what they learned through fun, hands-on activities or improve their memory by enhancing their ability to think and solve problems.

Take some time out of your busy day to help your child grow and learn through crafts. It will not only help your child learn, but it will also be a fun way to spend time with your child. It’s no secret that kids love to have their parents around, especially while doing something fun. This is the perfect time to make something with your child while collaborating, talking and learning together. It goes beyond making something physical to put up around the house or give as a gift- it creates a happy memory that will last forever.

This article was written exclusively for The Shopping Mom by Lakeview Academy, proud to be a leading independent, college preparatory day school, providing quality education for grades Pre-K through 12. Lakeview Academy is dedicated to the intellectual, moral, social, cultural, and physical development of every student and strives to produce responsible citizens who are prepared to lead lives distinguished by achievement and compassion.


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