Why Natural Beauty Products are Naturally Better

Let’s face it. When we’re in the health and beauty aisle, we’re looking at colors, styles, and those flawless model faces promising we can look that way too. Do we want spray or gel? Moisturizing or shine-inducing? Pomegranate or peach? The last thing we’re considering, if we consider it at all, is that little microscopic listing of ingredients on the side of the bottle or back of the package – and no wonder!

But the truth is, these are products that we lather in our hair, powder on our faces, and suds away our skin literally every day. And by now we’re aware that it’s best to take care of that hair and skin that we have because somehow there aren’t any replacements coming our way. So perhaps we should start paying some attention to what’s in the lotion, makeup, and shampoo that we claim as our beauty secrets. Frighteningly enough, many contain proven carcinogens, byproducts that are harmful for us and the environment, or ingredients that are just plain unhealthy.

Sound scary? Consider this. Many chemicals that have been banned in Europe are still perfectly approved by FDA standards in the U.S. and can be found on store shelves in abundance. For example, propylene is a common chemical found in lotions, body wash, hair gel, deodorant and lipsticks that chiefly acts to retain maximum moisture – a good quality for deodorant, right? Well, propylene is known to cause abnormalities in the liver, kidneys, and brain function, central nervous system depression, hypoglycaemia, and neuro-toxins that weaken basic cell structure and proteins. Yikes!!

A family of chemicals called parabens are also commonly used in cosmetics as a preservative ingredient with antibacterial and antifungal qualities. These preservatives are great for making makeup last longer, but they can also soak right into your skin and cause allergic reactions, disrupt the endocrine system and have even been strongly linked to breast cancer. Even if damage to the environment isn’t enough to change your beauty product loyalties, that list of ailments should at least be cause for concern.

And now that we’re sufficiently nervous about what exactly we’re slathering on our bodies every morning, there’s good news. Many brands have remodeled their formulas, realizing that beauty doesn’t have to be dangerous. New products aim for more natural ingredients, like using honey as an antibiotic in face washes, and essential oils from trees and flowers for moisture and fragrance, and spices for mineral colors and pigments. It may sound a little hippie-ish but using natural products on your skin and hair is not only better for the environment, but it’s a lot safer for you!

Using healthier products is a better way to preserve natural beauty because they are feeding vitamins and minerals to your skin and hair instead of harmful chemicals. We’ll be much better at being beautiful by using natural and healthy products than toxins that may look great on the outside.

Natural beauty isn’t just skin deep after all.

Cindi Lewis writes for glossy.com a natural skin care and beauty products online retailer.
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