Wikki Stix are Fun for Kids and Parents

toysYou may not have heard about Wikki Stix, and you’ve been missing out! These are great toys for both kids and parents.

What Are Wikki Stix?

Wikki Stix resemble thick wax candle wicks. They are made of an acrylic yarn covered in a patented wax formula that stick to any surface but don’t leave a residue.

Wikki Stix are proudly made in the United States and are safe and nontoxic. They’re pretty strong, even able to survive a trip or two through the laundry (no need to ask how I know that…). Wikki Stix perform better than inferior products made in China, and are easy for small hands to manipulate.

Clean Up’s a Breeze

Personally, I think the best aspect of using Wikki Stix at home or in a classroom is that there is no clean up. My kids bring them out and play with them, then simply gather them up, put them in a zippered plastic bag and put them away. Nothing to wipe down or wash!

This makes Wikki Stix ideal for traveling with young children. When heading out of town on an airplane last year, my two kids spent most of their time in the air creating original works of art with Wikki Stix.

Play…and Learn!

Not only were they playing, my kids were learning at the same time. Wikki Stix are ideal for creative play. Kids can make whatever they can imagine, and the forms will keep their shape. Then kids can straighten the Wikki Stix out and use them again and again.

This product can also be used to help your child learn. While your child is playing, grab a couple of Wikki Stix and fashion a letter – you child will be curious, and pretty soon you both will have made every letter in the alphabet! I’ve also used Wikki Stix to help my children learn numbers, words and how to tell time.

Wikki Stix are a great product for both kids and parents!

Kelly Wilson is a busy mom, freelance writer and editor with Teaching Resource Center, a Teacher Store providing families and classrooms with quality Teacher Supplies.
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