Winter Coats For Stylish Moms

A winter coat is an important wardrobe investment as when the weather gets colder you’ll be wearing your coat almost every day. For moms who like to be stylish and on trend a winter coat is a key piece that has to be warm and practical yet look elegant and chic. To help you find a stylish winter coat that will look great and take you through the cold weather here are some examples of winter coats for stylish moms.


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Wool mix camel coats are very popular this winter as camel is a key color. Camel coats look smart and chic and are an on trend choice for stylish moms. The long length of these camel coats and their wool mix make them very warm and therefore the perfect coat for cold winter weather. The neutral color of the camel coat means it will go with a wide range of outfits and styles from jeans and ladies flats to dresses and high heels.

A military style winter coat has lots of button and pocket details that make it look really trendy and stylish. These coats are usually made in dark colors from thick and durable materials which make them great for active moms. To help keep your look smart and feminine opt for militarily coats that are tailored, with nipped in waists and double breasted fronts.

Shearling is a very popular material this winter and a shearling coat is both warm and practical. There are a few different coat options within this season’s shearling trend. You could go for a long shearling coat with a hood and button detail, or instead you could opt for a shorter shearling jacket featuring zips and buckles. If you would prefer just a subtle hint of shearling there are many winter coats with shearling collars and cuffs.

Leopard print
Leopard print is a key trend this season making leopard print coats a stylish choice for winter. You could go for a leopard print jacket, or for a slightly warmer alternative opt for a longer leopard print coat. If you like clothes with a retro style then a leopard print coat can look like something straight from the 1960s or 70s, giving your outfit a vintage look. If an entirely leopard print coat seems a bit too much for picking up the kids or general day to day wear then you could instead go for a coat that
is plain with a leopard print collar.

Capes are a stylish alternative to the standard winter coat. Capes can be just as warm as a traditional winter coat as there are plenty of capes with long sleeves and long folds of thick material. Matalan have a checked button cape that looks stylish and warm and is a great layer to put over a thick knit jumper. Capes are great for a busy mom as they can be quickly thrown on yet look ladylike and stylish.

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