WiseDecor Decorative Wall Lettering {review}

I love decorating my home and always have. I take great pride in how my home looks and always opt for stylish furniture and decor. My hanging pictures change with each season and I am known to paint my walls every year.

I always look for easy ways to decorate that not only look great but are customized to my personal taste. Last spring I re-decorated my kitchen using a Tuscan style. I’m a sucker for wine, grapes and the feel of Tuscany. During my kitchen make-over we painted the kitchen and hung a chair rail up. The top of the chair-railing is a soft tan and the bottom is a medium green. Since my color theme is a tan, green and purple I wanted everything to coordinate.

When I was searching for some decor for the newly designed kitchen theme I found WiseDecor. The company specializes in decorative wall lettering that let’s you personalize your decor with your favorite words, quotes or designs. Their designs are available in many colors and they have almost every theme you could ever think of.

WiseDecor letters and quotes are pre-pasted, pre-spaced, individually cut letters that press on your wall or any flat surface. These are not decals with clear film around the letters, but rather individually cut letters that have been pre-spaced for you. The letters arrive on a sheet of paper which adheres to your wall. After pressing the sheet to your wall, you pull it back and only the lettering remains. The letters are thin… equivalent to about 2-3 coats of paint, so they give you the look of hand-painted stenciling without the time and trouble. And they don’t fade or crack.

WiseDecor wall letters work well for both renters and homeowners because they come off when you are ready for them to. To remove, get a grip on the corner of each letter using your fingernail or tweezers and gently pull off the lettering. If you’ve had the lettering on the wall for a long period of time, you can soften them up by using a hair dryer.

If you’re looking for personalized-to-your-decor wall letter’s or quote, you can use their online creator and build your own design. When you design your own, you can select the fonts, colors and even add in fun art to your favorite quote.

WiseDecor offered to let me review one of their custom wall words and helped me with the process.  I selected a quote I found in the kitchen theme but I wanted to customize it. I loved the quote but wasn’t  fan of the font. So, I went over to the online letter builder and was able to create my wall letter’s with my favorite fonts.

Once I selected the design I wanted, I was able to email the measurements of the area I wanted to put it and they helped me select the perfect size to fit the area.  Not only did their customer service help me in selecting the size I needed, they also gave me some ideas and tips to spruce it up. How is that for personal service?

Now, you don’t have to email anyone to place an order as their website is designed for online ordering. I just wanted to make sure the quote I selected would fit perfectly in the area I needed it to go.

Applying the letters to my wall was pretty easy. I measured the area so I could make sure my quote was exactly centered above the large window in my dining area. When I had my measurements I placed the quote on my wall and used removable tape to secure it in place.

My quote hanging while I made sure it was straight.

When I was positive it was straight and in the perfect position I slowly removed the protective backing and rubbed the lettering (with the tool they provide), until I could see it removing from the protective backing.

Lettering hung

It took about 15 minutes from start to finish for my new design to be hung! The process of hanging was easy and it looks fabulous!  The colors I selected look great in my dining area and the font is beautiful!

I am very happy with my final result. The quote looks great above the window and it adds a splash of color to the center of the room. I could not have asked for a better result!

Different angel of the room with the wall quote

Shop online for your favorite wall quotes at WiseDecor.com or connect with WiseDecor on Facebook for customer photos and decorating ideas.

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  1. Gita prasad says:

    Wow! I love how the quote looks over the window, I want to make some changes to my dining area also and I think adding some of ur ideas will really do the trick!

  2. Terri S. says:

    WiseDecor has a HUGE selection of fantastic wall quotes for every room in your house. I found so many I like, e.g. “Bless O Lord, This Thy House, And All Who Enter In” for my guest bedroom and “Welcome to Pooh Corner” for my 2 granddaughters’ bedroom (wish I had this available when my son was a little boy & big fan of Pooh). I especially like how easy you can put them up and that they’re removable! 🙂

  3. Wendy R. says:

    I agree, it looks stellar over the window! I really like the online creator at Wise Decor which can create endless possibilities. I think I could play with that for hours!

  4. Tricia @Nightowlmama says:

    We in the process of redoing 3 bedrooms and a kitchen I was really looking for something like this. How cute.

  5. This is more my speed for decorating. It looks great and really easy to do. I’m looking for something like this for my daughter’s room. Thanks for the great reveiw!

  6. Pauline Milner says:

    After reading your review, I am definitely going to buy some products from WiseDecor. We are building a new home, so I have a lot of rooms to decorate. I get tired of always hanging art work and pictures and your review has shown me a whole new way to decorate. I like your description of how easy their designs are to put on the wall. Sometimes, I would like to buy a product, but I wonder how easy it will be to deal with. You have made it obvious that products from WiseDecor are very easy to work with. Thank you for introducing me to this company. ~Pauline

  7. Lisa G. says:

    My youngest daughter will be moving into her big sisters room this month and I have been looking for a way to make the room special for both of them and a unique wall quote is the perfect way. Sounds like WiseDecor is easy to put up and their site is easy to order from!

  8. This is a great way to have a custom decorated look without a high price! It seems easy to install.

  9. Elizabeth Neal says:

    I love both of your Quotes. Especially the one over the window. I would have to take a bit of time to look at all the different quotes that they have. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can really make a big difference to a room

  10. Erica G says:

    Thanks for the review. It looks great! My favorite thing about the product is that is so customizable.