Yoplait Kids Yogurt; A Nutritious Kids Snack {Coupon & Giveaway} CLOSED

I have talked about how much my kids love yogurt multiple times and how much I would rather my kids eat yogurt than junk food. Yoplait Kids is one of the newest yogurts that contain 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt, and has no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. Yoplait Kids yogurt is a snack you can feel confident about serving to your kids instead of chips or other junk foods.

With tasty flavor options, as well as calcium, vitamin D and protein to help build strong bones, Yoplait Kids yogurt is sure to be popular with parents and kids alike. A great value at just $2.00 for a pack of four, this yogurt comes in three delicious flavors, including Strawberry, Strawberry Banana and Vanilla. Kids will love finding their favorite friends, like Dora the Explorer, Lightning McQueen from the hit movie “Cars” and the Disney Princesses, on every cup.

Even if you have a picky eater, chances are he or she may just enjoy Yoplait Kids yogurt. Babe Gage is at that age where we are struggling to get him to eat. He has become a very picky eater and just refuses to eat anything but what he wants. Yogurt is one thing he will accept anytime I offer it. So, I make sure we always have Yoplait in the fridge!

Get a Coupon! If you would like try try the Yoplait Kids yogurt here is a printable coupon* for $0.50 off the purchase of one (1) four-pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt. (*This coupon offer for a free four pack of Yoplait Kids yogurt is not valid in some states)

In an effort to spread the news about Yoplait Kids Yogurt, Yoplait is offering a great prize pack for one of my readers through MyBlogSpark!

{The Giveaway}

One lucky reader is going to win a Yoplait Kids prize pack.

The Yoplait Kids prize pack (shown above)includes a coupon for Yoplait Kids yogurt, a foldable travel cooler (to take your yogurt on-the-go), a cool four-piece spoon set, a power magnet picture frame, trendy alphabet-shaped “Kiddie Bands”, a great big bounce ball and a “My First Scavenger Hunt” card game for some after-snack fun. Giveaway Open To US Only.

{Main Entry Requirement}

Tell me what flavor you think your kids will enjoy by commenting below. This is required to enter, any entries that do not complete this step will be removed.

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Yoplait Kids Coupon & Prize Pack Giveaway from @yoplaityogurt and @FabShoppingMom http://bit.ly/fvMTk1 #win #food #myblogspark #moms

Giveaway Details: Giveaway will end March 30, 2011 @ 11:59PM EST. One winner will be selected via random.org.  Please make sure you use the correct email address, as winner will be notified via email. TheShoppingMom.com will not share your email with any third parties. Any incomplete entries will be deleted. Yoplait gave me one prize pack and coupon to keep and one to give away, as part of the MyBlogSpark program.
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