You’ve Changed; Have Your Clothes?

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Clothes are more than mere items to cover nudity and protect us from the elements. They are also valuable and beautiful ways to express oneself. Since childhood we’ve been working to say, “This is who I am, check me out!” Sure, we may have faltered here and there (photos of me wearing my dad’s 100% poly shirts attest to that) but over time we’ve honed our own personal look. But at what point does that look become a rut? Look at these clues and see if any of them apply…

Times have changed, your style hasn’t.

Granted, some items like a crisp white button-down are classics, but a ‘90s Boy Band t-shirt? If your station in life has changed consider reviewing your wardrobe. Whether you’ve become a mom, a top executive at work, or both, it doesn’t mean you’re required to go beige with all things fashion. But you might want to reconsider the kiester-baring hip huggers you wore back when you were a poor bohemian. Yes, there are certain comfort clothes that you just can’t part with, got it! But if they no longer reflect who you are now then save them for wearing at home or on Halloween, or pitch them for goodness’ sake.

Older, not wiser…

This is a tough one and I’ve been guilty, too; at what point are we too old for certain clothing? It’s particularly challenging if you’ve worked your tail off to get a fit bod and want to show it off, but 50 years old in go-go boots is going to require either a whole lot of confidence or delusion to pull it off. If you’ve ever asked yourself if you were too old to wear something, you probably were 10 years ago. And this is no trivial matter, because who wants to acknowledge such a turning point in life? And yes, in many ways age is just a number; so if everyone thinks you’re 30 instead of 40 then go for it. But 40 looking 30 is still nowhere near 20, so have a candid look at whether you’re in denial or not. Conversely, don’t dress the part of an old schoolmarm when you’ve still got life and passion in you. Look at who you are, what you want to convey, and then dress accordingly. And if you need outside reinforcement ask a friend, but only one whose taste you trust and admire.

Love it and lose it.

This is another difficult topic to broach, but do your clothes still reflect your personal style yet fit the girl you were 20 pounds ago? Under no circumstances should muffin-tops be deemed acceptable. We all have problem spots (can you say back fat?) but that universal condition does not put you at liberty to publicly wear clothes that gouge into your skin. On the flipside it’s also common for someone to lose large amounts of weight but still see themselves as heavy. Adjust your mindset and celebrate your successes by sending those larger sizes to a thrift store, as they no longer reflect the new you.

It isn’t easy to give your personal style an objective review. It’s also very easy to become comfortable and stuck in a clothing rut. But you as a human being continue to learn and grow and change; isn’t it about time your clothes did too?

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  1. BusyWorkingMama says:

    I need a style overview! I try to donate clothes I don’t wear annually.

  2. I just gave away my closet full of boots knowing someone could use them this Fall season that is young enough to rock them… like I used to. ;o) I gave up half shirts too…over the summer. I’m slowly making my way to maturity… and I’m not telling my age. hehehe